60 Minute Treatment Sessions - Our USP

60 Minute Treatment Sessions - Our USP


Physiotherapy, also known as physical therapy, is an allied health profession. Physiotherapists utilise evidence based interventions to treat pain or physical impairment resulting from trauma, disease or degeneration. 

The general model of physiotherapy is to treat all patients holistically. Yet most services, whether private or NHS, offer very short treatment sessions. 

Conventional Physiotherapy Pitfalls 

Having worked in environments where patients are offered 20-30 minute appointments, I’m aware of the pitfalls of this style of intervention. Despite the literature and our governing bodies directing us towards patient centred care, time constraints and financial models often limit the practitioner. 

A physiotherapy session should consist of:

  • A subjective assessment- where we find out from the patient how they are feeling.
  • A physical assessment - where we objectively assess progress.
  • An intervention - whether it be massage, acupuncture, manipulation or electrotherapy.
  • An exercises program - to be replicated at home in order to continue the rehabilitative process outside of the clinic.
  • A debrief - to ensure the patient is clear on the progress they have made and the goals going forward. 

With less than 5 minutes per section, it’s virtually impossible to be thorough under these circumstances. This often leads to generic exercise programs, lack of goal setting, poor rapport building and inadequate treatment dosage. 

Why choose Remedy? 

At Remedy, all follow up physiotherapy sessions are 60 minutes in duration. This is not only a unique selling point but also the underpinning principle in what we do here. All of our treatment sessions are holistic, individualised and delivered with the attention to detail that is possible during a 60 minute session. 

If you’re new to physiotherapy or if physiotherapist hasn’t worked for you in the past, click here to book your free initial consultation.